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Video interview tips to remember

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A successful video interview

Today, most of our job interviews are conducted either by phone or video.

To be prepared for a video interview, here are some tips

Make sure you have a quite, comfortable, professional place

Wear the appropriate attire

Check you connections, camera, microphone, lighting. Ask a friend to help

Have a backup plan in case of technical issues

Have your resume, job description and questions ready but try to avoid looking away from the screen to much

Research the company before your interview so that you are able to answer questions when asked about their company and what they do

When asked a question and you don’t know the answer, be honest and admit that you don’t know but show your eagerness to learn. Being honest can reveal your character which will help in the hiring manager making a decision, as we all know, sometimes decisions are made not just on skill but also on culture.

When asked, be prepared to discuss your related skills to the position. Sometimes they are looking for a certain skill set, but you may have that skill set in a different software that can be used or transitioned to work with what they are looking for.

When the interview is complete, thank the person and tell them you look forward to the next steps.

If possible, send a thank you email to all of the interviewers, this will show your excitement about the position and the company, even if you don’t get the position, this shows your professionalism

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