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As former military veterans, we know the difficulties of transitioning back into civilian life.  The list of things to do can become endless and one of the hardest is finding employment.

A good idea for transitioning is to create contacts, people  who can help you with the employment part of the transition and are skilled in the employment arena.

As you near the end of your enlistment start reaching out to agencies who specialize in your skill and training and can work with you to get you interviews

Be specific about where you will be living and what salary you will be looking for.  Make sure your resume is up to date and also have copies of any certificates, awards, letters of recommendations and if you have a college degree, start putting this transcripts together.

When the time comes to start looking, you want to have everything you need for future interviews.

Right now in the employment arena, speed to market is important.  You will be up against quite a lot of candidates for the same position and if you have everything together, you will have the advantage of getting first or second for interviews.

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