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  • Bob Mitchell

To Accept or Not to Accept??? That is the question!!!


When your job search is complete and you have found the new position that you want, it is then time to give your notice.

Giving your notice is always a difficult decision to make, especially when you have enjoyed working with the team you have been with. But with new opportunities comes new challenges and new destinations.

As someone who has been through this, you should always be prepared for a possible counter offer when you give your notice.

If you think that you may get a counter offer when you hand in your notice, prepare yourself for your response. Think about why you set out to look for another position, what were your goals, reasons, etc. Was it just about money, or was it because you felt you were not being appreciated for the work that you do, or was someone else brought on doing the same work as you but getting paid more.

Let’s look at these reasons:

Money: If you looked for another job because you wanted more money, then receiving a counter offer with an increase should be an easy decision to make.

Under appreciated: Being under appreciated is always an issue in workplaces. If you looked for another position because of this, then you owe it to yourself to first have a discussion with your manager to see what can be changed.

New employee, different salary: If you did not approach your manager to ask for an increase based on your performance, then you will probably run into the same problem at your new position when the time comes that you feel you should be paid more for what you do.

As counter offers go, they usually are only good for about 6 months, if you give your notice and accept a counter offer, assume already that your manager is probably monitoring you more closely than anyone else, you have already let them know that you weren’t happy and your manager will most likely assume that even though you accepted a counter offer, you will probably still look for another position. This can be dangerous, especially when it comes to downsizing, and that is happening quite a lot these days.

So in the end, make sure that if you accept a counter offer, it is for what you really were looking for and it will make you happy and secure to stay at your present position.

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