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  • Bob Mitchell


As a recruiter, it is our job to qualify, interview and present the most qualified candidates for the positions that we are responsible for.

As a candidate, it is your job to present yourself to the hiring manager during an interview in your most qualified skills for the position.

Hiring managers will always  look and listen for key words during an interview that he/she thinks is relevant to the job they are interviewing candidates for.

It is impossible to second guess what a hiring manager is looking for during an interview but besides the proper skill sets, it is important that you also sell yourself, as a person.

You may have outside activities that a hiring manager is familiar with or has the same kind of activities.

You may have a charitable organization that you volunteer for that would be of interest to the hiring manager you are interviewing with.  You may be a veteran and not know that the hiring manager is also a veteran.

These outside interests and qualifications are fine to add to the bottom of your resume, but hiring managers don’t always get to the bottom of the resume.

Whenever possible, without being pushy, try to bring into the conversation some of you outside community involvement or activities.

You may be surprised how far selling yourself as well as your skill can take you.

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