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As a recruiter, when I review a resume one of the first things that I need to know is the candidates work status.  By this I mean, are you eligible to work in the US for any employer.

Clients will not always have the ability to stand for a sponsorship, and some clients will require US Citizen due to the nature of their work.

To help eliminate the this important step in the reviewing process and to help both the candidate and the recruiter, it is important to list your work status on your resume.

In today’s market, diversity is important but it is also important to know the status before the process goes to far.

Nothing is more frustrating to a candidate and a recruiter than to reach the point of where the candidate is a great fit, only to find out that the client is only looking for US Citizenship, or will not sponsor an H1-B.

Your work status will always have to be addressed and you shouldn’t feel you have to avoid it.  It is better to disclose at the beginning than at the end.


Full Name


Contact information

Work status

This extra step is important in the first process of reviewing resumes for a position that you are interested in.

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