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Resume Pointers

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Writing a successful resume

Writing a resume is not the easiest task to complete, but it is the most important one when you are searching for a job.

Resumes should be the window to your experience. It should tell the hiring manager 50% of what he or she should know about you, the other 50% comes during the interview process

Make sure your resume isn’t 10 or 15 pages long. A hiring manager doesn’t usually have the time to go through all those pages and he or she will know if you might be someone they would be interested in by the first or second page.

Spelling and grammar are critical to a presentable resume. When I review resumes and I see grammatical errors, I automatically think that this candidate didn’t take the time to review the resume, and if you are applying for a position that requires detailed work or presentation work, this will certainly be a red flag for a hiring manager.

It is always best to have someone else review your resume, they will see things that you will probably miss. Don’t rely on spell check, you may put in a word that is actually a word but should not be used in the context of explaining your experience.

Resumes today have evolved from the standard black and white full justification document. They have become more fluent, bold and colorful. Make your resume stand out in a professional way.

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