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  • Bob Mitchell


With individuals having  access to so much and AI being in the forefront.  It is easy to be taken in by a scam, and one of these is the recruiting scam.  I am sure that almost all of us have been the target of this type of scam.

You receive an email that says;  we have reviewed your resume and we feel you would be a perfect fit for one of these positions.  Most of the positions listed are not close to any of your skill set.

They will ask you to click on the link to set up an interview and once the interview is completed we will send you the offer letter to start you on your way.

Once you click on the link, you will be caught up in their web.  They will ask you to give them a start date, they will tell you that you will need a computer to start working and then they will ask you to purchase the computer and they will reimburse you.

Another one will be;  in order for us to get you set up and started on you fantastic new position, please give us your bank information so that we can get your computer set up, and they will ask you for you social security number to set you up in their HR system.

They may tell you that you will receive training but ask you to pay for the course and you will be reimbursed.

Non of these are what they seem to be.  If someone tells you that you are a great fit for a position that you have no skill with, that should be a red flag.  If they tell you they need your personal information to set you up in their system, another red flag.   They will try and get your banking information so they can direct deposit your paycheck.

A legitimate company will never send you an email saying that you are being hired for a position that you didn’t apply for, or interview for, they will be more inclined to ask you to apply for a job or ask for a phone call about a position

When you receive these kinds of emails, check the email address; it will most likely be a fake address, if it has a company name, check the website for the company, it will most likely be a foreign company with not much information.

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