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  • Bob Mitchell


When you are working with a recruiter who is doing their best to find you the right job, it is important that you recognize that and you keep good contact with your recruiter.

Although they may not be able to find you the right position at the time, staying in touch with them is important to your future choices.

A recruiter will keep your resume and will look out for any positions that they may think you would be a fit for.

If you find a position on your own, let your recruiter know when you are off the market, as well as on the market, stay in touch so that they can always keep you in their mind for the future.

Starting a new position is stressful and you may realize that it isn’t what you thought it was going to be. Partnering with your recruiter gives you the window to reach out and talk to them, let them know that you are not sure about the position you just took and they will start to compile positions that they think you may be a better fit for.

As a passive candidate you have the luxury of taking your time in finding another position that you think fits better for you. Recruiters will also pipeline passive candidates but unless you stay in touch, let them know how you are doing and whether you are happy in the position, they won’t know that you are moving from passive to aggressive in a new job search.

It is sometimes difficult to start a new relationship with someone who doesn’t know what you really want and what your skills are. Your partner recruiter will know that and will keep a close watch for you.

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