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  • Bob Mitchell

Multiple Resume to target Positions

Having a resume that is easy to read and shows your talent is important. But it is also important to have a resume that actually fits the skills to the position that you are applying for.

Having multiple resumes is something that every candidate looking for a position should have ready.

You may be an office manager and your resume shows those skills, but you also may be a skilled developer.  If you are submitting your resume for a developer position, hiring managers will probably reject your resume if the first thing they see is Office Manager.

For another example, lets say your a Full Stack Developer.  You have worked hard to learn all aspects of the full life cycle of a program and you want to show off your hard work, which is totally understandable.  Where the issue comes in, the job you may be applying is a Front End Developer, so you have to think the hiring managers are looking for certain key words that will come up with the front end and they would get lost in all your skills, so if you have a resume that focuses on your front end skills and you use that resume the hiring manager will be more inclined to not pass you over.

By having different resumes that address your different skills it will save you time and in this business speed to market is essential.

At the same time, you don’t want to add skills that you really cannot answer to if asked about them.

Keep your resume short and to the point.  These days hiring managers have a very short window to review them.

Sometimes less is more.

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