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  • Bob Mitchell

Hiring Managers why it is just as important for you to REVIEW RESUMES

Resume, the first attempt of looking for a new position.  We all know how important a resume is, how it should look and how it is the document that presents you to a hiring manager or a recruiter, the window into who you are and what you can bring.

Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes for their positions and they don’t always have the time to review all of them so they look for specific key words that are relevant to their position.

As a hiring manager, it is important to provide feedback in a timely manner, not just because it is the professional thing to do, but also that one candidate that you are looking for may be found on a resume and for a hiring manager who cannot provide feedback, they run the risk of losing that candidate.

Let’s be realistic, you weren’t always a hiring manager, you started somewhere else by submitting a resume and you were hopeful that you would get a response, good or bad from that hiring manager.

The responsibility of providing feedback will always be on the hiring manager and in today’s marketplace we also know how busy hiring managers can be.

It's a double edged sword, you're too busy doing the work of 2 people because you don’t have enough help, and not enough time to review resumes and provide feedback. Which is understandable but also even more of a reason to carve out the time to review resumes and provide feedback to hire some help to alleviate the stress of doing the work of multiple people.

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