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  • Bob Mitchell


As a recruiter, the most important part of my job, and one that takes up a lot of my time is reviewing resumes.

When I am searching for a candidate to fill an open position that I have, and finding the right candidate with the right skills to reach out to, it comes down to “Speed to Market”.  I am sure that all of you are familiar with this phrase and it is true in any position that needs to be filled.

When I see a resume that shows the following; I will most likely skip over that resume:

Example:  a resume with just the company name, job title and a one sentence that doesn’t tell me anything.

Example:  a resume with the company name and dates of employment, no other information on the resume.

These are examples of a resume that most recruiters will pass over.  When I am seeking a candidate for a position and looking for the skill sets that I need, I will not have the time to reach out and ask the candidate to explain in more detail, what they actually did at their job.

A resume doesn’t need to be 10 pages long, 3-4 pages is sufficient for a recruiter or hiring manager to review.

This is where your sweet spot comes in to play.  Create your resume with the skills that you have and use, putting in additional information is something that can be brought up if/when you get an interview.

Hiring managers and recruiter want to see how your skills match up to what they are looking for and they need to see that on your resume.

In today’s AI world, resumes can and will be reviewed by an automated system and that system will look for key words to match the position, if you don’t have them in your resume it will be rejected.

Your sweet spot on your resume can get you to the next step in the process, that is where you will be able to promote yourself.

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