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  • Bob Mitchell

Helpful hints from your recruiter about your resume

As a candidate looking for a new position or if you are just updating your resume, we often tend to embellish our skills and experience.

Sometimes we may think that what looks good on your resume doesn’t translate over to what a recruiter may be looking at.

As a recruiter, it is our job to make sure that a candidates resume is presented in the best possible way that will keep the attention of a hiring manager.

Accomplishments are great but only if they align with what your skill sets are, adding to your resume that you are an accomplished musician only helps if you are looking for a job as a musician, it won’t help if you are looking for a project manager role, or developer role or any other IT role.

A recruiter can and will make suggestions to you about your resume and how it translates to the position that you are applying for. Don’t get offended if a recruiter wants to make sure that your positive skill sets and your ability to work with a team should be shown on your resume.

Constructive criticism is a good form of criticism that can help you win a job.

We all want to make sure that we highlight our accomplishments, personal and professional, it comes down to how much highlighting should we have.

Put some trust in your recruiter, they are looking out for your best interests

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