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  • Bob Mitchell


In this blog we are going to talk about full disclosure and how important it is to be transparent with your recruiter through every step of the process.

As a candidate looking for a new position, we sometimes lose site of our personal commitments when we are speaking with a recruiter or potential client and this can have negative consequences.

Any hiring manager will welcome full disclosure, this helps them to make the best decision they can with all of the information in front of them.

If you have previous commitments and you are on your first or second interview for a position, this.would be the time to disclose any important information to your recruiter.

Information such as: a vacation that is paid for and you cannot get refunds, doctor’s appointments, moving to a new location that may interrupt your start date.

This is the kind of information that the recruiter will need to relay to the client so they are not blindsided by their new hire telling them on the first day of work that they have a planned vacation coming up in two weeks, or they have surgery scheduled and they will be out of reach for a few days.

By giving full disclosure it will give the client time to make adjustments so that they know you are ready to give 100% to your new position.

Full disclosure up front is better than waiting until the last minute, this will also reflect on your professional and personal commitment.

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