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  • Bob Mitchell


We all know how important it is when someone is preparing for an interview.  You want to make sure you are ready to answer questions about your skills, job history and also know some background about the company you are interviewing with.

It is important to make an impression on the hiring manager so that they see what you are capable of.

It is also important to a candidate to get feedback from their interview, good or bad feedback gives the candidate the information they need to prepare for the next interview.

Today, hiring managers are tasked with conducting interviews as well as gathering feedback, whether it is just from them or a team of interviewers.

It can be a major task to gather feedback from 2 or 3 managers who have interviewed a candidate, but it is important, for both the candidate and the recruiter.

Feedback gives the recruiter the information they need to adjust their search if necessary so that they don’t keep submitting the same candidates.  Knowing what was missing on the interview helps a recruiter to adjust to the needs of the hiring manager

Feedback gives the candidate information on whether to adjust their presentation skills, or their resume to reflect skills that they may have thought unimportant at the time.

Feedback should not be something that a candidate or recruiter should  be wary of, it is the information line that let’s them know if they are hitting the mark.

Hiring managers, feedback does take some time to gather but in the end you will receive better candidates for your position if the recruiter knows what you are looking for.

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