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  • Bob Mitchell


The world of technology is constantly changing and to be considered a growing part of that, we need to update our skills. What is relevant now may be replaced by something else in six months.

The need for skilled IT talent with multiple layers is becoming more in demand and as a candidate for new opportunities, it is important to update your skills, or add new ones.

We have all seen the job description that says: Need a project manager who has experience with embedded software and can write code and gather requirements. As we know a project manager is a project manager and a developer is a developer and a business analyst is a business analyst. This kind of job description evolves because someone who started a position as a project manager but quickly learned how to write code and gather requirements but now has moved on. The client needs to replace that person but they need someone who has the same experience. This happens because the client doesn’t realize or doesn’t want to realize that they are looking for two or three different people.

To continue to upgrade your skills and and update your existing skills is a necessary part of the IT industry. By doing so, this gives you more flexibility when applying to open positions and shows how you are able to adapt for different projects.

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