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  • Bob Mitchell


As we are all aware, everything we put on any social media platform is there for anyone to see and read.

And we all want to make ourselves stand-out or be unique when posting. What we write on social media can have a strong impact on how we are perceived.

Writing that you are a tech guru in all things Java or React, can sometimes have a negative impact on the person who is reading it, especially if they are looking at you for a position. You can look like you are arrogant or have a extremely high opinion of yourself. There isn’t anything wrong with knowing that you are skilled in what you do, but when you are posting, keep in mind that other people who read your post will not think of you the way you think of yourself if they don’t know you.

Instead of saying “ I am a technical guru when it comes to Java, etc”. Try saying something like: “I have extensive skills in Java through many years of experience and through constant training and re-defining my ability to perform at my best”. This sentence will show that you have put in time and effort to learn and hone your skills and you are continuing to do so. When reading this it will not come off as arrogance but as confidence and that you are always willing to continue to learn and grow.

The same goes for posting your personal skills or likes, no one wants to read that you like hamburgers, or that you are an expert in Dungeon and Dragons.

When you want to highlight your personal likes and skills, be creative in what you say, instead of saying “I like hamburgers” try “I enjoy eating varied and unique foods. Instead of saying I am an expert in Dungeon and Dragons, try saying; “I enjoy video games that help me improve my mind and allows me to examine how the system works which helps in learning new software skills.

We all want to be noticed, but we don’t want to be noticed as someone who thinks they are better than anyone else. That kind of notice will not get you very far in the process of searching for a job.

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