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  • Bob Mitchell


While you may think that your skills are in high demand and that you are the SME of what you do for the company you work at, you should probably think again.

In today’s world of business, most, if not all are looking for people who are team players. Employees who know their limits and are not afraid to reach out for guidance, to think that the company can’t get along without you is a trait that will get you nowhere.

Everyone is replaceable, right up to the CEO and president of any company. Blow your own horn and it might end up sounding more like a sour note.

It is easy to think that we are indispensable, especially when we are told how great a job we are doing, but, those kind of compliments are spoken easily when they come from other people.

The hard fact is, we are all replaceable and if we allow ourselves to think that we are not, then we are temping fate, and fate always wins.

To sum up, do your job, do it the best you can and stay a little humble.

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